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Fire and Smoke Restoration

Always Prepared

 Our mission is to ensure maximum results by employing a combination of techniques that work to eliminate odor-causing pollutants around the burn area. By implementing the latest technology and equipment available to repair property with both fire and smoke damaged, we work to restore your home to original condition.

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Fire Restoration: Services

Fire and Smoke

 We are armed with state-of-the-art fire restoration equipment that can clean and get rid of smoke and soot, as well as prevent other fire-related damages from developing. Additionally, our fully licensed and certified restoration teams are trained to work quickly and efficiently. With BnK Restoration taking care of the damage, your property will return to its pre-loss condition in no time. 

Emergency Fire Damage Restoration – 24 Hours A Day!

When a fire damages your home or business, expert fire damage restoration is required to get fully restore your property to pre-loss condition and ensure the safety of future occupants. BnK Restoration  Response Team is a leading fire damage restoration company and has experience cleaning and restoring all sizes and types of fire disasters.

Fire damage restoration is a complex job and often involves restoring damage from fire, smoke, soot, AND water! Homes and business can suffer significant structural damage, surface damage, and damage to your valuable and sentimental belongings. With BnK Restoration, you can expect high-quality fire and smoke damage restoration services that will help you get your life back to normal as quickly and safely as possible!

Smoke and Soot Cleanup And Removal

Lingering smoke and soot can cause much more damage than you’d expect. Smoke embeds into the fibers of your home and deep within the porous surfaces of the structure. If smoke is left for too long, it can be next to impossible to remove. Smoke extends throughout your property, collecting in and damaging spaces never touched by the flames. Professional fire damage restoration technicians at BnK Restoration are trained to know exactly where smoke and soot collect and how to remove it the right way so that they do not cause permanent damage.

The longer smoke and soot are allowed to sit, the more extensive the damage becomes and the harder it is to repair. Even if your property suffered a small fire that seems insignificant, smoke and soot are still elements that you do need to worry about and that need to be taking care of promptly

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