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Mold Restoration

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The best medicine for mold is prevention. BnK Restoration’s emergency response team will determine the cause, best methods of removal, and the necessary steps to prevent it from recurring. 

Water damage is the first of a one-two punch that is to be delivered to your property. The second punch comes in the form of mold and mildew, which are the most common byproducts of any water issue, and by far the most difficult to control, remove and remediate. Mold shows up rapidly, usually within 48-72 hours of a water or flood event, spreads rapidly, and presents a very serious health threat to those living on the property. Trying to sell your home? Mold is also a guaranteed turn off to potential buyers, no matter how much you lower the price. Nobody wants to inherit this particular problem

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Mold Remediation

You’ve probably read stories about “toxic” mold and the danger this infestation can pose to your home. However, even if the mold you find in your home isn’t the kind that’s considered toxic, it’s still important to think about mold remediation.

If you get to mold early, sometimes you can prevent the spread and growth with some simple cleansers, but mold isn’t always so easy to catch. Too often, mold growth starts where you can’t see it, such as in the attic, and the mold grows unabated for months until you realize something’s wrong. That’s when BnK Restoration can go to work.

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